Marian Dineen Think Retail

Marian Dineen: Pharmacy Sales and marketing Consultant

A graduate of University College Cork, the University of Limerick (Kemmy Business School) and the Irish Management Institute Marian Dineen is a highly experienced individual with extensive commercial experience across the wholesale/retail/distribution areas of the pharmaceutical business. Located in Limerick she joined United Drug at a very exciting and challenging time for the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Working with her colleagues across the group she built strong relationships and gained valuable experience and knowledge of the different aspects of the business. She had the opportunity to use that knowledge and expertise as her career developed within United Drug, holding several key management and leadership positions, becoming an important link in the medical supply chain. An innovator and key proponent of change Marian contributed extensively to the development of the United Drug brand, devising and implementing progressive programs and projects, in particular playing a pivotal role in the annual United Drug Trade Show, the company’s platform for showcasing products and services.


Her considerable project management experience within all areas of the industry has focused in recent years on the development of the retail aspect of the pharmacy business, an often neglected, frequently overlooked but vitally important component in driving sales and increasing profits. Marian has founded her business Think Retail in response to pharmacies desire to improve all dimensions of their retail trade, working closely with her clients, reviewing their business model and implementing measures to improve staff performance, customer engagement, products and services.

She is optimistic, passionate, and enthusiastic about the pharmaceutical business. Training and motivating staff to “think retail” she brings her emphasis on customer service to every aspect of the retail business. Marian has strong knowledge and successful experience in areas such as customer service/relations, key accounts, purchasing, negotiation, exempt medicine, project management, health and safety and regulatory affairs. She has received training in continence care and stoma care and helped to significantly develop this aspect of the business within United Drug.
Furthermore, in 2012 Marian travelled to London to learn the art of gift-wrapping and trained with “Jane Means” the renowned “gift wrapping guru”. She now brings that expertise to pharmacies, training staff in gift-wrapping and hamper design for all occasions.